The Science

February 22, 2016

Passion 4 Life is the product of 15 years of research.

Charles spent 15 years studying and researching the delicate and intricate ins and outs of nutrition and vitamins with Bio-chemists, Bio-engineers, PhD’s, Researchers, Medical, Alternative and Natural Doctors and Nutritionists. Even after creating and formulating Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins and minerals, Charles still collaborates and brainstorms to always further advance and refine the amazing formula, based on the latest research and technology available.



Your Blood Before and After Passion 4 Life

Before ingesting one ounce of Passion 4 Life,

red blood cells "chain up" due to stress or enzyme deficiency. If this is chronic, high blood pressure could develop which might result in adrenal stress and other medical issues.


3 Minutes After Ingesting Passion 4 Life

3 minutes after ingesting one ounce of Passion 4 Life, blood cells are now separated and vigorously moving and free flowing to trade nutrients, oxygen and Co2.

The Brain Before and After Passion 4 Life

brain-mapping-2014 copy


Live Blood Analysis Study & Video prepared by: Dr. Hugh Smith Ph.D. Vital Hematology, San Diego, CA

Brain Mapping Study conducted by: Dr. Dennis Maness, PhD, Neuro Science Researcher and Founder of the BrainTek Institute in San Diego, CA

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