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April 20, 2016


We're often asked what sets Passion 4 Life apart from competitors. There is no single, simple answer.

But one of our key distinguishing features is the large number of unpaid endorsements we have received from people in the best position to judge: doctors and scientists.

And no wonder. During the 15 year development process for our product, we consulted with leading experts to incorporate the latest science. And we have continued to refine Passion 4 Life.

Dr. Mark M. Sedwitz, FACS, a surgeon and former Chief of Staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla California, writes:

Liquid Vitamin

"I believe Passion 4 Life can be a highly effective preventive health product that works to combat premature aging and improve the immune system that can help maintain a healthy and vibrant body and mind."

"I would recommend this unique liquid supplement to anyone who wants to enjoy a higher state of health."

"Passion 4 Life, in easy-to-take liquid form, can be absorbed more easily into our bloodstream and cells. I find it much more desirable than taking making pills to achieve the same result. One ounce a day is all you take. It's that simple."

I became acquainted with Passion 4 Life in May 2007 through my dear friend and associate Dr. Dennis Maness. During our weekly phone conferences I disclosed to him I had been suffering from hand, arm, leg, and facial tremors for nearly a year. A few physicians had stated that I was suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

I experienced a year of increasing tremor's (very embarrassing) especially during times of stress; before public presentations, meetings, and while providing patrons hypnotherapy sessions.

Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I wanted to use my mind to heal and repair itself. However as time progressed I was not making progress mentally. Dr. Maness explained Passion 4 Life ingredients, along with amino acid therapy. I was then able to understand that our bodies do not generate all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He also explained our current foods lack the nutrients they has decades ago, due to soil depletion.

Charles, I am now 61 and clearly see I made a huge mistake in thinking I did not need multivitamins, food supplements, etc. I thought I would get this through clean living, and normal balanced meals. Recently my physician gave me a diagnosis of Essential Tremor Disorder. I am absolutely certain I starved my body, and brain neurons of the nutrients they needed with my former attitude and haphazard eating style.

I would like to report that since I started Passion 4 Life three months ago my tremors have substantially reduced while it is in my system. Within minutes of taking an ounce of Passion 4 Life I feel a calmness come over me and can start feeling muscles and tension relaxation. I never forget to take (Passion 4 Life) as it also tastes and smells good. I know Passion 4 Life is being absorbed into my system because my urine remains clear, unlike when I did take vitamin tablets a few times and my urine was bright orange etc. This tells me tablet form vitamins are just going straight through the body.

My employment places me in contact with many children and adults suffering from ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. My research since starting Passion 4 Life leads me to believe the above noted population would greatly benefit as well from Passion 4 Life. I will be promoting Passion 4 Life to patrons at my clinic as well.

Thank you Charles for such a complete and easy product!

Donald R. Murphy

Donald R. Murphy, Ph.D.
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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